401 W Van Buren Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Please allow enough time before the event for travel and parking, as traffic is often busier than normal around times of Van Buren events in Phoenix. 

Venue Location

The Van Buren is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona and arriving to the venue has never been easier. 

You can find the Van Buren located at:

Address: 401 W Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Box Office: The Box Office is located on 4th Ave and the Main Entrance is on 5th Ave.


Parking / Arriving By Car

The Van Buren recommends travelling to the venue by Light Rail, Rideshare or other public transport that is available. This avoids any delay, stress or hassle of finding somewhere to park before the concert starts.

However, if you wish to attend the venue by car, it is advisable that you use one of the paid parking lots close by to the Van Buren. Unfortunately as there is no on-site parking available, there is a few streets that offer parking surrouding the venue but they may fill up quickly.

To make your arrival as smooth and stress free as possible, we’ve put together a list of the parking lots that are located closest to the Van Buren.

It is advisable to use one of the parking lots specified below:


Parking Lots 

The Parking Spot 2 – (PHX Airport) Van Buren (Car Park)
Address: 4040 E Van Buren St
Hours: Open 24 hours 
Contact: +1 602-286-9212
21 W Garage (Parking Garage)
Address: 21 W Van Buren St
Ace Parking (Parking Garage)
Address: 400 E Van Buren St · In the Arizona Center
Contact: +1 480-356-9193
LAZ Parking (Car Park)
Address: 252W W Van Buren St
Contact: +1 480-798-5896
FastTrack (Car Park)
Address: 3639E E Van Buren St
Contact: +1 602-267-8780
Jefferson Street Garage (Parking Garage)
Address: 333 E Jefferson St
Contact: +1 602-594-2290
Ace Parking (Parking Garage)
Address: 305 Washington St
Hours: Open 24 hours
1 W Jackson St Parking (Car Park)
Address: 1W E Jackson St
Contact: +1 602-494-1414
302 N 1st Ave Garage (Car Park)
Address: 302N 1st Ave
Contact: +1 602-840-0138