Warpaint at Van Buren

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The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona


The Van Buren is putting together an exciting show for alt lovers from all around this spring! They’re featuring a dynamic group who’s as ready as they’ll ever be to bring on the heat and knock your socks off for a one-of-a-kind experience. Believe it or not, Warpaint is heading to Arizona’s unforgettable The Van Buren this coming Sunday 19th May 2024, and you won’t want to miss it. Turn off from mainstream music for a sec and turn on the underground tunes that Warpaint will be playing till the night’s end.

They’ll be going around North America for their spring 2024 tour and bringing out all of their fan-favorite songs, from their oldest songs to their fresher tunes, so expect a insane show with those. The astonishing The Van Buren will give you the experience of a lifetime. Prior guests adore the theatre for both the accomodating crew and the state-of-the-art technologies. It’ll most definitely be unmatched, so you have to see for yourself. Make sure you secure your seats now!

When coming to a live concert, don't expect perfection; expect imperfection, because that's the whole point of watching a performance live. You can't go to a gig expecting to hear the recording. When a band performs, you get to hear the real grit, rasp, that often make the performance more raw and powerful. You are having an experience with the performers themselves that is truly unique to the specific show you are attending. That's part of the fun of it. Live shows are something special that can never be replicated exactly. It's an in-the-moment experience that you could never get by listening to the record. So come create memories at the The Van Buren in Arizona at their latest show Warpaint on Sunday 19th May 2024!

Warpaint at The Van Buren

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