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Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona

Van Buren is the place to be this Sunday 19th June 2022 because keshi is coming to bring their unforgettable raps to Phoenix, Arizona! This one-night-only concert will have fans cheering to the best hits on their unforgettable record along with fan-favorite singles. And you know when this star gets on the stage that Phoenix is in for a treat! Music fans are already calling this the leading show to come to town this season. Phoenix belongs to keshi for one amazing Sunday night! You won't want to miss out on this unforgettable show!

Have you ever been to Van Buren? If not, then you’re missing out on one of the unrivalled hip-hop venues in Phoenix, Arizona. This venue hasa history of hosting outstanding shows by the biggest artists in the industry. These heart-stopping concerts are enhanced by the outstanding sound system and lighting they use to keep fans in the action from every seat in the house. That’s why Van Buren has frequently been the place to be in 2022! And even the most critical concert-goers agree that Van Buren has what it takes for incredible Sunday nights in Phoenix. Because Van Buren is close to some of the best bars in town and is supported by the coolest staff in the state! Best of all, Van Buren has plenty of parking to enjoy so you can watch the concert in style. So don’t miss out on catching amazing shows like keshi only at Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona.

keshi at Van Buren

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