Gareth Emery at Van Buren

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The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona

Gareth Emery

Phoenix!! You will be thrilled to hear this because the biggest and baddest EDM event is coming to your city! Yes, bass heads, you got that right. Gareth Emery is coming to town, bringing to you the craziest event this winter! Get lost in the trance and move your bodies to the rhythm. Go as wild as you can because this event only happens now or never! Coming straight to you in Phoenix, Arizona is none other than Gareth Emery.

Prepare yourselves for a night of heavy music and thrills as Gareth Emery takes the stage at the The Van Buren on Thursday 22nd February 2024! There will be no other event as big as this so pack your bags, fill up your water jugs, and we’ll see you at the show! Lose yourselves in the music at this event!

Tickets are available right now. Don't think and secure yours before they sell out!

Purchase your tickets today to experience Gareth Emery live on the The Van Buren stage and you’ll see one of the greatest electronic music venues in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only does the event offer the most precise lighting and sound engineering in the industry to keep you close to the action, but you’ll also enjoy many extras that you can’t get anywhere else. Great parking options close to the front door, several of the city’s favorite bars and restaurants right around the corner, and the most friendly staff in Arizona. Made up your mind already? Make your Thursday a night to remember and order your tickets now to experience Gareth Emery live only at The Van Buren on Thursday 22nd February 2024.

Gareth Emery at The Van Buren

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