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The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona

Eladio Carrion

Alright gang, mark your calendars, warm up the vocal cords, and gear up to GET DOWN! This just got real. Eladio Carrion, that legend who brought us “Mi Error” and “Ele Uve” is bringing his fire tour to The Van Buren in Phoenix on October 22, 2023. It’s gunna be OFF THE HOOK!

You believe, it’s not just a concert, folks, it’s a freaking state of mind. Talk about getting mind-blown! Eladio's vibe, unfiltered emotions, and killer beats blend into a concert brew that's absolutely intoxicating. Every beat reverberating in your chest, waves of sound washing over the crowd, pure energy pulsating all around you, it's an experience you just can't fabricate.

No FOMO peeps, these aren't just tickets you're buying, consider them your VIP pass to a time warp. Be ready to groove, to sweat, to lose yourself in the rhythm! It’s more than just a show, it’s a journey into the heart of music--it’s like Keanu Reeves level stuff here, dudes.

Blokes, don’t just stand there! Grab your TICKETS now. Go. NOW. Take your besties, partners-in-crime, and the ones who just GET IT. You and your crew won’t forget this one. This is more than another night out, this is an investment into your dang soul, ya feel me?

Get in the mix for the most happening Concert on this side of the year! Don’t wuss out on this wild ride Eladio Carrion is taking you on. This ain't just a Tour, it's your gateway to a night full of memories.

Totally tubular, right? It’s time to turn the dial up to AWESOME. We’ll see you there. Rock on.

Hey, y'all vibes and good times enthusiasts!! It's finally HERE. The Eladio Carrion concert at The Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona, is setting the stage ablaze on October 22, 2023. The hype is REAL and we're serving up the deets on the whole scene right here.

This is not just any concert. It's the TOUR! Yeah, you heard right! Eladio's 'Sauce Boyz', the widely acclaimed, heart-throbbing tour. This ain't no cap! Eladio has been firing up spots all over so don't be caught sleeping on this ONE. This concert is where you should be this October! Let me tell you, Eladio Carrion never disappoints.

Killer beats? Check. Dope rhymes? Double check. Eladio, on fire per usual, will murk every beat, spit fiery lines, and gift us a concert experience like none other. It's all about the intensity; it's all about the VIBE.

Multiple award-winning Latin trap and reggaeton artist with a flow so SICK, it's contagious. Eladio will light up the stage, have you grooving, and leave you with an experience so LIT, you'll be looking for a repeat.

Beyond just the music, the Van Buren is dripping with atmosphere and vibe. Smack in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, it's a burst of energy, soundtripping, and lively shindigs. Ain't no concert joint hold a candle to this spot, fam!

The Van Buren has been Phoenix's launch pad to a whole new level of live show experience. It's an iconic venue, boasting of past concerts that were pure, undiluted AWESOME!! Once you step foot in there, you'll feel the chill atmosphere, the vibrant energy, and the unforgettable memories made within its walls. Plus, the Van Buren's rad amenities make it a total dream spot to experience a gig at!

I mean, what else could you possibly ask for? Hot music, vibrant vibe, cool venue, and all in the heart of Phoenix. This show is more than "lit", it's a whole INFERNO!

Now, here's the plan, folks! Don't hit snooze on this rad opportunity! The TICKET? It's a one-way ride to an experience of a lifetime. So buy the darn ticket, come vibe with the Sauce Boyz, and let Eladio Carrion rock your world this October. The beats are waiting, the location is set, the stage on FIRE. All that's missing is you. So, get on it, fam! DON'T MISS OUT!

Eladio Carrion at The Van Buren

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