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The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona


Free your night on Wednesday 24th July 2024 and stand by in excitement for an amazing concert of epic pop-rock proportions — Chuu LIVE at the The Van Buren! This 2024, an astonishing evening of danceable tunes and headbanging music is traveling your way, headed by some of the finest artists from your playlist. Sing along to the trendiest tracks from a Billboard-topping discography, and let the infectiously peppy energy flow through your veins as the show kicks off into double-time. A genuine hitmaker applauded by fans and critics alike, our multi-awarded main act promises audiences a marvelous live music event brimming with their newest viral hits and best-selling favorites. Previous performances have been acclaimed as “two thumbs up,” so come on, join the hype, and pop-rock and roll with your friends like there’s no tomorrow! The Van Buren, Arizona’s premier entertainment destination, will elevate the upcoming concert with its stylish stage and state-of-the-art sound systems. Hit the button above and claim your tickets ASAP!

Chuu has, for a while, been well-known for their stunning tracks with relatable lyrics. That’s why just about everyone who will be there will be standing in the audience that Wednesday night in Phoenix, Arizona and will be singing along to at least a few songs. In their live shows, Chuu are well-known to crank it up a couple of notches for sure. You will probably be hearing acoustic versions of your favorite hits or even some re-mixed versions that you won’t find in their album. All in all this will make going to one of these live gigs all the more gratifying!

Of course, if you’re going to see Chuu, everything about the concerts is equally as important as the tunes they decide to perform that evening. The The Van Buren stage may be the best backdrop for all the amazing things that Chuu may have up their sleeves. You're likely to see some special effects go off as the tunes to their latest single start playing in the background and just about everyone in the crowd starts cheering! When this happens, you will be overjoyed that you were able to make it to The Van Buren!!!

With Chuu you never get two tours the same. What that means for you is that the gig that will be happening in Phoenix Arizona won’t come back here the next year. That’s considering that they are on tour next year. You just don't know when the next chance to watch them live is sure to be.

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Chuu at The Van Buren

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