Chris Renzema at Van Buren

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The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona

Chris Renzema

Join the gospel band, Chris Renzema in a night of worship, music, and healing this Thursday 18th April 2024, at the The Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona. Make Chris Renzema an instrument of hope and faith in the Lord as she heartfully sing her songs that invoke the power of the gospel through breathtaking lyricism and heartfelt music. Meet hundreds of other faith-believers in this concerts that will definitely enrich your faith in the Lord. So tell your family and friends about this opportunity to worship through music with Chris Renzema. Tickets can be purchased through this website. Order your tickets now!

Join Chris Renzema. As the Lord Jesus has said himself, when two or three are brought together in His glorious name, His presence is most certain. Christian believers hold on to this so a live show that will gather a crowd of people worshipping and singing praises led by no less than Chris Renzema will truly be a heavenly experience. On Thursday 18th April 2024, the gates of the The Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona will open wide to welcome the faithful or those pursuing spiritual renewal. This is truly one of the best occasions for a Christian to rejoice in the music and also be in the mode of communal worship and prayer. If you are now saying a big 'amen' to that, then it's high time to book your tickets now!

Chris Renzema at The Van Buren

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