Brian Jonestown Massacre at Van Buren

Brian Jonestown Massacre Tickets

The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona

Brian Jonestown Massacre

Alternative music is the IN thing at the moment so why not see live action music? The impressive and unbelievable Brian Jonestown Massacre is back on the road for fall, 2023 and there is a LOT of hype! Fans across the states are looking forward to this special night of nothing but alternative vibes, why not be in attendance yourself! Brian Jonestown Massacre will play at the favorite stadium for big alternative shows, the unbelievable The Van Buren of Arizona, Phoenix on Monday 16th October 2023! TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW for this Monday of sheer the 'get tickets' button, October is your month! C'MON GET INVOLVED!

Alternative music commands a huge following in Arizona. This is a location that has a history like no other when it comes to the alternative music scene. Phoenix will host the upcoming Brian Jonestown Massacre at The Van Buren. True fans that appreciate excellent music will be in attendance, and we believe that’s you! The huge turnout expected will be partly because of the talented artists that will grace the occasion. Sound quality is a crowd pleaser, and The Van Buren ticks all the right boxes. With amenities like these, you owe it to yourself to be in attendance and among thousands of other like-minded fans. Launch the buy ticket process by clicking on the ‘get tickets’ option.

Brian Jonestown Massacre at The Van Buren

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