Beach Fossils at Van Buren

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The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona

Beach Fossils

If you have never seen Beach Fossils live, then now’s your opportunity to make sure you don’t miss out again! Because on Tuesday 31st October 2023, Beach Fossils is coming to the iconic The Van Buren in Phoenix Arizona for a live gig! This event brings one of the hottest talents in pop-rock for a concert that is sure to be truly incredible. New and old fans alike will be amazed by the awesome energy of this hit sensation. Critics and fans alike are calling this the can’t-miss event of 2023, with some even calling it the only show worth catching this October. Tickets are selling out fast, so you don’t have long to book your seats. To secure your tickets today, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Have you ever been to the most anticipated music venue in Arizona? If not, then you need to book tickets to any of the upcoming events hosted by the The Van Buren in Phoenix, especially to experience the phenomenal Beach Fossils! This artist has been rising for some time now, and their shows are selling out fast! During their tour up and down the country, fans have been left astounded by some of the greatest performances in recent history! The venue for the latest show offers fans like you the best viewing experience from every seat in the house, with acoustics that will give you the crispest sounds possible. The atmosphere and decorations are completely unrivalled when it comes to venues in Phoenix. So, if you love music, then you’ll love any show performed at the The Van Buren!

Beach Fossils at The Van Buren

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