ARMNHMR at Van Buren


The Van Buren | Phoenix, Arizona


Whenever the most genuine techno fans in the know request the most mind-blowing live performances, ARMNHMR delivers them. This October the world renowned DJ will make a stop in Phoenix, Arizona to take the patrons on the ultimate sonic adventure. ARMNHMR will hit the booming stage of one of the most heralded concert halls in town - the one and only The Van Buren! The event is promised to be unmissable, offering the ultimate combination of cutting-edge techno music and the most premier environment to enjoy it. Secure your seat today and feel the surge of energy as the pulsating vibrations and mind-bending BPMs take over the crowd!

Whenever The Van Buren brings great electronic music events like ARMNHMR to their stage, Phoenix becomes one of the hottest places in the country. Not only it is the greatest venue for electronic music in Arizona, but it offers everything that music fans need from their concert experiences. Imagine enjoying a welcoming atmosphere with comfortable seating, all combined with incredible music so you feel like an A-list celeb during your visit. The sound and lighting engineering has been exclusively designed to keep you close to the action no matter where you are in the venue.
After the show you can to keep the fire burning at some of the finest bar and restaurants in town. If you want a one of a kind electronic music event, you want to see exactly what The Van Buren has to offer.

ARMNHMR at The Van Buren

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